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New for 2023, the SCUDO SUPERLEGGERA C7 is a whole new breed of tactical wallet. 

The beauty of its design and the fit and finish of the craftsmanship are arguably rivaled only by its ease of use and the loyalty with which it holds your most precious plastic. The refinement of execution in the functionality compliments a bold aesthetic. In terms of robustness, type III hard-coat provides a case hardening to the 6061 chassis that is as hard as a ruby. It features a carbon fiber thumb cowling which provides instant access to your most frequently used card and maintains a secure grip on your seven card stack. Available in black hard-coated chassis and natural grey hard-coated chassis; and a hybrid modulus blend of twill weave 3k carbon fiber in a satin finish for both the money clip and the thumb cowling.

SC7 Front and Back
SC7 Blue
Blue SC7 Money Clip
SC7 Green
Precision American Craftsmanship.
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