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"The Wallet "


The new Magneto is the smallest, lightest, and easiest to operate wallet from SCUDO-USA.

No latches or springs are needed as this design utlizes state of the art RARE EARTH MAGNETS that are extremely strong yet completely safe with all your credit cards. Drop tested and RFID protection  ( with solid base configuration ) ensures  your cards will be safe in MAGNETO.  There is just no comparison in quality when compared to other so called minimalist wallets. 

"The Process"

The MIDNIGHT  series are  CNC machined and then Type III hardcoat anodized. After plating, they are VECTOR surface lasered to produce a permanent high contrast design that does NOT pierce the anodic layer of the wallet surface. This results in a smooth striking visual effect on the black wallet body. This is NOT an ink or hydrodip process as some lesser wallets use that rubs off and wears after a short period. This laser process is EXTREMELY wear resistent and will last as long as the wallet itself.   Every component of any SCUDO wallet is CNC machined from raw stock. No castings, stampings, or molded parts.  


"The Specs"


Available in 8 card capacity and 2 base configurations ( solid back and open I.D. window back ).


Weighs in at between 2.4 and 2.9 ounces. 


Dimensions are 2.400" wide X 3.875" long X .590" thick .


"Options and Compatibility"


Solid back base- Can add a money clip. Full RFID protection. Inside floor machined to hold a few bills both under the cards on the base floor and under the top lid.


To add a money clip go here after adding your wallet to your cart...


Open I.D. Window base- Can add a carbon fiber backplate. ( every open back comes with a polycarbonate back plate ). NOT compatible with money clips!! Can store a few bills under the lid. Offers limited RFID protection.


Proudly  designed, machined, and assembled in the USA.


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