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The Magneto SWITCH series uses the switchable plates for the lids that are the same going back to Gen 4 so ANY plates you have from gen 4-6 will work with the Magneto as well.  Deep lasered, carbon fiber, clear polycarbonate,  and the midnight plates all work with the Magneto Switch model. 

Wallet body available in black or silver anodize. 

Choose 8 or 14 card capacity and  either open back or solid back base. 

Solid back base- Can add a money clip. Full RFID protection. Inside floor machined to hold a few bills both under the cards on the base floor and under the top lid.


To add a money clip go here after adding your wallet to your cart... Open



I.D. Window base- Can add a carbon fiber backplate. ( every open back comes with a polycarbonate back plate ). NOT compatible with money clips!! Offers limited RFID protection.

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